What this site is not

The Infernal Tarot

  • It is not a New Age Crystal Lovers' group practice
  • It is not doomsday prophecies
  • It is not a channeling discussion group
  • It is not Wiccan goddess-talk in cabbalistic fashion
  • It is not Neo-Odinistic or any other Neo-Pagan nostalgia (ever heard that some of them are quite easy to recognize: they are fat and poor!)
  • It is not Cowboys-and-Indians-Playing-Without-the-Cowboys
  • It is not stalwartness of Christian philosophy of suffering
  • It is not the worshipping of invisible playmates
  • It is not the worshipping of gaseous mammals above the clouds or below ground who are ruling you and everybody else on this planet with an iron fist (gaseous iron, of course!!!)
  • It is not any of the obsolete religious illusions or illnesses!

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Only club members can participate in our midnight sorcery meetings and black masses due to the highly sexualized content of these religious meetings!

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