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Black Magick Cobra Knowledge Means Power! For this reason, the Black Magician has a life long dedication to study. 

About Black Magick Studies

To have power, you need to remove yourself from all imposed-to-you mind control that has been established to keep you "in line."  In fact every person on this planet can be a powerful magician, evern after he or she was brainwashed to the opposite by vested interests of all kinds !!!

For the powerful, religion can be a tool to control others, not to control oneself or, even worse, to be controlled by others!

Before you decide to take life into your own hands and to study Black Magick, you need to get the following facts straight:

 ... if you are unable or unwilling to shed the artificial inhibitions that were imposed upon you,
... if you refuse to strip away the false morality of self-denial and suffering to which you were conditioned by religious and other establishments,
... if you cannot take on true responsibility coming from within yourself,

... then you will do better to practice any one of the the systems of "white magick" or no magick at all! In this case, you need not burden yourself with self-reliance and responsibility -- all you need to do in such a case is to leave thinking and control of your life up to others.

Become a secret member of Black Magick and
receive viciously powerful spells for love, money, and
ultimate power from the World's leading Black Magicians!

The decision is yours, of course! In no case will we accept student members who cannot show (and we mean s_h_o_w) that they are truly independent human beings, capable of acting responsibly, capable of making black Magick work for them!

With this, we do not mean at all that you should rebel openly against conventional institutions!  Quite to the contrary: many of our black magicians are well-respected members in their communities working as professionals, business, people, even preachers, etc.  They are using their magickal knowledge very well and responsibly.  None of the "average persons" that they are dealing with on a daily basis have the slightest idea of the awesome power that these people are capable of wielding and the support that they can get from their fellow black magicians in pursuing their goals of power and pleasure!

Once you decide to practice the Black Arts, you can use your skills to help yourself get the satisfaction that you always wanted, and you can do so right from the beginning! Your individual success can be a reliable measure of your attitude!

Think these points over -- then, and only then, apply to work and study with us.

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Yes !!!  You can become skilled in all fields of the Black Arts: in spell casting, remote influencing, mind control and all other types of black magick work

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